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Marsha Guido


With over 20 years as a Community Construction Liaison with the NYC DDC, Mrs. Guido’s general responsibilities include compilation and distribution of informational notices, as well as notification for water shut down. She coordinates and participates in meetings with residents, utilities, city officials and representatives of various levels of government in various boroughs of NYC. Mrs. Guido maintains community decorum during instances of severe flooding and keeps open lines of communication with all residents, local officials and emergency service agencies on very high profile projects. In addition, she facilitates resolutions of homeowner's concerns and inquiries. At the request of the client, Mrs. Guido has also tended to several additional smaller projects and/or stepped in and completed projects mid stage, as needed, running concurrently with her active project. At the request of Infrastructure, Mrs. Guido started peer mentoring in the borough of Staten Island and was later recognized for her services by the Office of Community Outreach and Notification. 

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