PROJECT: OCBH 272, PIN 0759.50

This project involves the reconstruction of approximately 550 linear feet of bulkhead and approximately 8,200 square feet of timber and concrete decking at Ocean Beach, Fire Island.  The bulkhead is made of 26-foot to 32-foot long epoxy coated steel sheeting connected to 14-foot long steel sheeting anchorage.  The bulkhead includes over 75 35-foot long wood piles and three types of heavy wales. The timber and decking substructure consists of 10-foot and 20-foot wood piles and 10-inch x 10-inch timber girders.  Precast concrete decking panels are used along the south and east loading docks and consist of 6-inch deep, steel reinforced 4000 PSI concrete panels. Two Type T catch basins replace existing basins and include oil, water and debris separators and backflow valves.  Work zone traffic control included detour signs to the temporary ferry terminal, work area signs, temporary 6-foot chain link fence, and cones and drums.  This project is on an accelerated 8-month schedule to avoid impacting the Village’s busy summer season.  All work performed was in conformance with New York State Department of Transportation Standard Specifications and Standard Sheets.  The project was funded under the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)/ New York State Department of Transportation Ferry Boat Discretionary Program.

KAGE’s Resident Engineer was responsible for the professional quality, technical accuracy and the coordination of all inspections, designs, drawings, specifications, calculations, and data reports.  Additional responsibilities included construction inspection, daily inspection reports in conformance with NYSDOT Manual of Uniform Record Keeping (MURK), and payment processing.