The reliability upgrades PSEG Long Island is planning to construct are necessary to keep pace with the growing demand for electricity. PSEG Long Island has proposed a new, 138 kilovolt [138 kV] underground transmission line [The Western Nassau Transmission Project or WNTP] between two area substations to address an important need within the electric grid. The new line will make the system more resilient and will improve redundancy, which is vital to the long-term reliability of the energy grid. The line must be installed by 2020 for PSEG Long Island to continue to maintain a safe, robust, and reliable system, and remain in compliance with mandatory federal regulations.

KAG Engineering [KAGE] will utilize their extensive knowledge of Traffic Engineering and Work Zone Traffic Control, AutoCAD, MUTCD and NYSDOT Highway Design fundamentals to design the Work Zone Traffic Control Plans for the Environmental Management and Construction Plan (EM&CP). WZTC Plans include pavement striping and signage, construction staging, typical sections and detours. KAGE is analyzing traffic counts to ensure proper routing of traffic and route selection.