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Mr. Chowdhury is a Professional Engineer with years of construction management experience in New York. He has helped manage over $100M of heavy infrastructure projects ranging from roadway reconstruction to large design-build projects. He envisions a more modernized industry where infrastructure is developed employing scientific advances, new-age project logistics and development tactics that ensure profitability for the client. As an instrumental part of the management team, he is passionate about providing projects on time while preserving the utmost quality. Mr. Chowdhury’s personal interests lengthen into learning more about construction sequence strategies and project-based financial modeling.


While at the University of Central Florida, Mr. Chowdhury studied civil engineering at the undergraduate and graduate levels with a focus on construction engineering. During his academic career he was also an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Student Body Government, published his graduate thesis and worked as an intern with Walt Disney Imagineering. 

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