Realignment of Mix Street and Brook Street at the intersection with Route 6 in order to create a four-way signalized intersection. The realignment removes the existing dog-leg intersection that is the site of numerous accidents. Route 6 will be widened to provide two through lanes in each direction and opposing left turn lanes. The existing Route 6 has only one lane in each direction. The project will match into the Wal-Mart improvements currently under design, providing two through lanes in each direction.

Special Design Considerations:

  • Intersection realignment requires the reconstruction of one bridge.

  • Preparation and coordination of all environmental permits including: DEP Inland Wetland and Water Resources, DEP General Permit for the Discharge of Stormwater and Dewatering Wastewaters Associated with Construction Activities, DEP 401 Water Quality Certification, DEP Flood Management Certification, DEP Stream Channel Encroachment Line Permit and DEP General Permit for Water Resource Construction Activities.

  • Coordination with DEP for mitigation site.

  • Management of removal of hazardous materials at project site. Over $1 million in environmental clean up required for project completion.

  • Design of stage construction plans for 3-year construction plan.

  • Planned with engineers for Wal-Mart to coordinate state project with new development.

  • Project Budget over $8 million.

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